Commercial Enterprise


What is the Commercial Enterprise competition?

The Law Society is pleased to have created this competition to merge key legal skills with the practical side of economics, business and finance. The Commercial Enterprise competition gives participants an opportunity to create their own business idea and have it critiqued by lawyers, business leaders and finance experts.


Why enter the Commercial Enterprise competition?

In this environment, you'll be able to improve your ability to pitch effectively, negotiate and maintain a professional and confident interviewing style while under the pressure of scrutiny. We'd encourage students from across the legal and economic disciplines to consider competing.

We're thankful to KPMG and Barclays who sponsor the competition by providing the winners with work experience and other networking opportunities. Previous winners have undertaken workshops with Barclays and have been offered internships with KPMG in London and Norwich.

Commercial Enterprise at the UEA Law Society

The competition will involve five rounds, held during the second semester. The first round involves submitting an online business pitch which will be reviewed by a panel of legal and financial experts.


The competition requires participants to compete in teams between two and five. If you're keen to compete but do not have the required number, then you will be allocated into a team.

Competition Winners & Runners up for 2020

Hashem Kherfan, Jordan Godlie and Baran Guccuk
Jake Whyte, Amman Dosanjh and John Hobbs

Commercial Enterprise Committee

Tanya Mpofu

Jordan Goldie


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