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Our Mooting competition is consistently popular across all years. In the later stages of the competition, external judges are invited to provide competitors with expert feedback and guidance. While mooting, there is a focus on legal research and public speaking skills, as well as the ability to clearly and concisely structure arguments.


By competing in our Negotiations competition, students improve their negotiation abilities and develop transferrable skills such as teamwork. Furthermore, by providing competitors with feedback at the end of each round, they can improve and develop continually. Negotiation skills are crucial in any corporate environment.


Our Client Interviewing competition was developed in response to feedback from law firms and recruiters that graduates struggled in client-facing scenarios. Therefore, by providing our members with the opportunity to practice client-based interactions, they develop practical skills invaluable to a legal career. 


In our Mediation competition, competitors develop skills such as empathy to reduce the risk of hostile interactions and reach amicable solutions. Competitors must also work effectively in their teams to establish a good rapport with the clients. In the past, sponsors have also delivered courses or lectures on mediation to aid competitors.


Our ‘Legal Triathlon’ is a three-stage competition involving client interviewing, negotiations, and a first-instance trial on a specific area of law. The competition imitates the problems that a solicitor would face daily, and in Triathlon, competitors represent a single client throughout and correspond with the opposing competitors between rounds


Our Mock Trial competition was introduced to allow students to develop their skills and feel the realism of being in court. The skills students develop enable them to excel in legal research, apply laws to a specific scenario, and build their advocacy skills. In later rounds, external judges are invited to judge and offer their guidance to competitors.


Our Commercial Enterprise competition is a unique opportunity for members to compete with a non-law focus. Commercial Enterprise encourages business expertise and experience in a fun and creative way by tasking competitors with establishing a business from start to finish. 

Throughout the competition, the Enterprise Centre helps students develop sound and realistic business modules. The first round is forming a business plan, followed by marketing skills, a commercial awareness round, and the final encompasses a Dragon’s Den style pitch of the competitors’ overall business proposal. 

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If you would like to sign up for one of our seven competitions for the academic year 2021/22, the Law Society will be hosting its competition sign-up event during Welcome Week. Each of our competitions has beginner and advanced tiers for all abilities. Whether the sign-up event will be held at Earlham Hall or hosted virtually will depend on government restrictions, and we will keep students updated in the run-up to Welcome Week.


The successful running of our competitions would not be possible without the help we receive from our sponsors. Each of our competitions requires a sponsor to reward our talented winners. However, providing prizes is not the only meaningful way to get involved. We also offer sponsors to make non-monetary contributions by coming in and delivering workshops and lectures. If this interests you, please click the button below to contact us.