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Chrissy Pilbrow at Eversheds

Chrissy is a previous LLB Law Student.

Tell us about the application process.
The online application form included the standard academic and educational questions along with a couple of more detailed questions and submission of a CV.  The next stage was a telephone interview which lasted approximately 30 minutes.  The questions were, in the main, competency based.  The final stage was an assessment day.  This included an (always cringeworthy) ice-breaker exercise, a partner interview, a written assessment and an in-tray exercise.  The interview was with a partner and a senior associate.  The questions were split into a set about the application form, so conversational in style which really allowed you to settle in.  Then followed the more commercially focused questions such as ‘what are the challenges currently facing the firm?’  The written exercise was proof-reading a contract document and using information provided to fill in missing details.  The day was quite intense and challenging, but also rewarding.

What type of work were you involved in? 
For the first week I was based in the real estate team.  Some of the tasks I was assigned included drafting leases, reviewing and reporting on searches, and proof-reading finance agreements.  In the second week I was in the employment team and was invited to sit in on several client teleconferences.  I also undertook research tasks and compiled statistics to report to a client.  Additionally, throughout the scheme there were a number of talks held by the heads of the practice groups which gave an insight into the work the firm undertakes and was a great opportunity to ask questions.  In the second week, the vacation scheme students were tasked with running a charity fund-raising event.  We were split into two teams and given £10 each to make as much money as possible!  

What made you apply to this particular firm?
Eversheds stood out for me as having a different approach to growth than other firms and a focus on innovation and client service.  The global nature of the firm coupled with its regional presence means that trainees can undertake multijurisdictional work and high profile clients without having to go to London.  

Did you get involved in any social activities?
On the first evening we were taken to a local bar with current trainees, the graduate recruitment manager and a couple of partners for drinks.  This was a really good opportunity to have a casual chat to everyone.  Later in the week we were taken on a punting trip with a picnic by the current trainees.  I really enjoyed this because it was an opportunity to speak candidly with those currently training about their experience.  The punting itself was a really nice was to see more of the local area and get a feel for life in Cambridge.  The scheme finished with a meal and drinks at a local restaurant with the trainees, the graduate recruitment manager and the graduate recruitment partner.  

What did you enjoy most about the placement?
Eversheds went out of their way to make you feel welcome and part of the team.  Everyone was so friendly and supportive – I never felt as though I was an inconvenience.  The work was varied and associates and partners would come over and ask for your help or if you were free to sit in on their meetings.  

Have you been offered any further work experience or employment following the placement? 
As a result of the vacation scheme, I have been offered a training contract. 

Want to ask Chrissy anything about her experience?  Send her an email:

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