Stacey is a 2nd Year LLB Law Student

How did you secure the opportunity?
I was introduced to the firm through a friend and to apply I sent an email and a CV to the firm.

What type of work were you involved in? 
I was able to shadow the different departments within the office. I was given case files to review and was given the opportunity to discuss my learning and understanding with one of the fee earners. I was then able to attend court to see the trials. This turned into somewhat of a mini pupillage as I was able to attend a number of trials with the same barrister.

What has your participation on the placement taught you?
The placement taught me to be prepared for everything and to just go with it. When I arrived on Monday morning I had a meeting with a partner who told me what opportunities were available for me that week and I choose to do all that I could. This meant late nights, reading the files so I had some background information and early mornings travelling to different courts and to the office.

What did you enjoy most about the placement?
I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn from a more hands on perspective. The points of law which were argued from the trials I attended. I will always remember. All of the people I met were friendly, helpful and all more than willing to answer and questions and talk through their own experiences.

What did you enjoy least about the placement?
Honestly there was nothing I did not enjoy. It was tiring and I am not really used to travelling a lot. But even my mad dash across Manchester to make a train for Leeds was lots of fun!

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