Shivam is a 3rd Year LLB Law Student

Tell us about the application process 
The application process included six questions (250 words max) as well as a cover letter. If successful with this you are called in for an interview.

What type of work were you involved in? 
I was assigned with tasks such as proof reading sale purchase agreements, creating a summary of events and researching how a company would pass a resolution and drafting an email with these instructions.

What made you apply to this particular firm?
I had previously had Insight Work Experience with this firm and really enjoyed my time there and this lead me to apply for the Vacation Scheme.

What has your participation on the placement taught you?
My experience during this placement gave me an insight into the day to day activities of a commercial lawyer.

What did you enjoy most about the placement?
I most enjoyed the fact that the solicitors entrusted me with so much responsibility dur
ing my placement. This responsibility played a significant role in making me feel like an actual solicitor working at the firm.

Got any questions about Shivam’s experience?  Ask him via email:

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