Mediation Competition

What is mediation?

Mediation is an effective way of resolving a dispute without having to go to court. It is essentially where two parties are deadlocked on a particular issue. A mediator – who is an independent party is called in to help both sides come to an agreement and suggest areas of common ground. Mediation can be used in a variety of disputes but common examples include: workplace disputes, family disputes such as contact with children, neighbour disputes etc.


Why enter the mediation competition?

Mediation is a valuable skill that all prospective employers will be looking for regardless of the career path you pursue.

Participating in the competition enhances transferrable skills such as communication, public speaking and teamwork.

Furthermore, it provides an extra opportunity to enter one of the Law Society’s competitions if you chose not to at the start of the year.

Mediation at the UEA Law Society

The competition will be similar to the other competitions held by the UEA Law Society, however, due to its infancy it will be a knock-out competition rather than year-long.

The competition requires competitors to compete in a pair; pairings will be allocated after the application process has closed.


Competition Winners

Sheena Baluyos & Helena Cook
Advanced and Grand Final
Kezia Battley & Abbie Whitehead
Joseph Pridmore & Matt Hardaker
Mbarak Shakuwe & Sara Burcham

Mediation Committee

Chloe Fulcher

Emily Campbell

Solange Atoche


Sponsored by:

Leathes Prior

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