Mock Trial

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What is mock trial?

The Mock Trial competition is a NEW competition introduced to UEA. It has a lot of interest behind it and is open to all years of study and more than 400+ students.

Each pair recieves a fictional scenario and students must conduct their own research of their argument and relevant laws before presenting it to the jury, and judge. At later rounds external judges such as practising barristers are invited to judge and offer their guidance and advice to competitors. There will be acting roles such as: witnesses, ushers and jurors who will take part making it as realistic as it can possibly be. 


Why you should sign up for the mock trial competition?

Mock Trial is the most popular and well-known competition in the legal profession and will host many external competitions across the UK, where students can represent UEA at national level. Annual external competitions will be held at both UEA and other universities.

Mock trial was started in order to allow students to develop their skills in the legal aspect, as well as feel the realism and the feeling of being in court with witness, jurors and judges; where the competitors will not be solely marked on arguments, but also their engagement when questioning the witness and performing their opening and closing statements with jurors. 

The skills students develop in mock trial will allow them to excel in the future and develop legal research, applying the laws to a specific scenario, and develop legal argument skills which is extremely sought after by law firms, not only for seekers of the Bar, but also those aspiring to become solicitors also.


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