What is mooting?

Mooting is an advocacy-based competition where teams of two students compete against each other arguing points of law in front of a judge.

A pair of students will act for the Appellants (those appealing an earlier decision) with the other acting on behalf of the Respondents (those maintaining the earlier decision) in the hope of persuading the judge to favour their legal argument. After each team has made submissions, the Lead Appellant is offered a rebuttal before the judge makes their final decision. 
Teams are awarded points regarding their presentation and clarity of argument, the use and explanation of authorities, the ability to answer questions and their courtroom manner. The team which scores the highest point is awarded the moot and proceeds to the next round. 


Why moot?

Mooting is the key extra-curricular activity for everyone who dreams of becoming a barrister, but also provides invaluable experience for everyone as you will develop skills such as public speaking, research and time management that are essential in all career paths.
The Competitions at the UEA Law Society

The Beginners will be anyone from 1st to 4th Year with very little experience in mooting and they will get extra support through workshops and mentoring to be able to reach an advanced level by the end of the competition.
The Advanced competitors will be anyone from 2nd to 4th Year with considerable mooting experience or those participants that feel very confident in their advocacy skills. It will be a more challenging competition, testing a wider variety of skills.

Competition Winners

Carl Rix & Benjamin Hewitt
Ben Thompson & Jakub Kaluza
Advanced and Grand Final
Samuel Ricci & Fabian Holkwalkden
Elena Auclair & Sergei Bagrintsev
Connor Kennedy & Ben Hale
Nick Mason & Karma Young

UEA Visits the Supreme Court...
The Beginners Final of 2015/16 was held in April at the Supreme Court in London and was presided over by Lord Toulson and his Judicial Assistant. A bus full of students travelled to London to watch this great event. After an exciting and well fought competition through the year, the Finalists were first years Anne Saunderson and Catherine Meyer acting for the Appellant and second years Alexander Smith and Emma Dubar acting for the Respondent.

After a long and tense moot with many tough questions from Lord Toulson and his assistant, Alexander Smith and Emma Dubar were announced as winners.
Here are some pictures from this fantastic event...

Mooting Committee

Connor Kennedy

Ben Hale

Muhammad Arif Achakzai

Katie McDavitt

Isabella Mansfield
American Mooting

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