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Negotiation Competition

What is negotiating?

The Negotiations Competition receives great interest from law students at UEA. The competition simulates legal negotiations in which teams of two, acting as lawyers, negotiate legal disputes that have arisen in a fictitious scenario. These scenarios consist of a whole host of topics - from new business ventures to divorce.

Within a negotiation each team is presented a set of common facts that sets the scene of the negotiation. In addition to this, each team will also recieve a piece of confidential information that details the desires and postions of the party each team is representing. Each negotiation has a set time limit and it is for the teams to work together to come to an agreement within the allotted time that best serves the interests of their client.


Why negotiate?

Participation in the Negotiations Competition provides a means for competitors to practice and improve their skills of negotiations. The competition is one of extreme value as competitors learn how to successfully represent and achieve their clients main aims within strict time constraints, a skill not only highly valuable in a legal career, but in many professional fields. Even if law students decide not to go into a career within the law the competition still provides valuable skills such as teamwork, public-speaking and time-management which will be valuable in any career.

Negotiation Competitions at the UEA Law Society

In order to give our participants the best chance of success the competition is split into two: a beginner and an advanced competition.The beginner competition is for any students who haven't competed in the competition before, this allows students to learn the basic skills of negotiating before negotiating against more advanced competitors. The advanced competition is for students  who have competed in the competition before.  The first round of both competitions will be a practice round and  the committee will be running a drop in clinic if competitors need further help after the first scenario has been sent out. 


Competition Winners

Halcyon Griffith & Patrick McGovern
Advanced and Grand Final
Jess Smith & Harriet Hughes
Advanced and Grand Final
Rebecca Crowe & Katie Kemp
Jack Firman & Henry Parkinson

Negotiations Committee

Rebecca Crowe


Molly Mackay



Harriet Hughes



Mia Akpabio