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Pick your opportunity with the UEA Law Society! We pride ourselves on our ability to offer a wide range of perks for our members across the year.  Take a quick look at the opportunities available for the 2020/21 academic year below, and read some of the comments we've recieved about out events in the past.

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Mooting is an advocacy-based competition where teams of two students compete against each other arguing points of law in front of a judge. The points of law in dispute will be areas of the law which are in dispute with conflicting outcomes available in the established case law. 

"An obvious choice if your haunt is to be the bar, though mooting will enrich your university experience wherever you see your career heading. Your ability to confidently reason and persuade will improve dramatically moot by moot; an invaluable skill set when transferred to any discipline. You would be foolish to miss out.

- Joseph Ferris, LLB Law Graduate


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Working in a team of two, competitors will be required a brief memo in advance of a mock interview of a ‘client’ facing a particular legal problem, with the aim of establishing the issues at hand, and responding with the appropriate advice accordingly.

"As a GDL student I was keen to take part in all of the competitions the Law Society offered, but I really enjoyed the Client Interviewing competition. I found it helped me to get a better understanding of the law but also helped me to build the practical skills needed to be a lawyer. The feedback was always great and meant that I had something I could work on for next time! I would thoroughly recommend anyone to take part in the Client Interviewing competition, as I had a great experience!

- Gurdas Singh Sually, GDL Law Graduate


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Two teams of two are given a set of common and confidential facts and then pitted against each other to try to negotiate a settlement to the legal situation. The topics can vary from arranging a wedding to settling a personal injury claim.

"The negotiation competition is a fantastic opportunity to pitch your skills against some of the toughest operators in the society. I love it because its challenging, fast-paced and requires you to think on your feet. It gives you skills that will be very useful in the work place, legal or otherwise. The competition is not just something great to put on the CV either; I was able to gain two work experience placements down to winning the compeititon, one at an international law firm and another at a leading local firm. 

- Albert Forsey, Biomedicine Graduate

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Mediation is an effective way of resolving a dispute without having to go to court. It is essentially where two parties are deadlocked on a particular issue. A mediator – who is an independent party is called in to help both sides come to an agreement and suggest areas of common ground. Mediation can be used in a variety of disputes but common examples include: workplace disputes, family disputes such as contact with children, neighbour disputes etc.

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The Legal Triathlon competition was first run in the 2015/16 year as a collaboration between the heads of each three 'mainstream' competitions.

For the 2018/19 year, the Triathlon has a dedicated committee member to develop the new scenario.

Teams of up to three members compete against another, pre-selected team in a major dispute involving one of each of the mainstream competitions - an initial client interview; head-to-head negotiation; and first instance trial, which differs from a moot. 

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The Mock Trial competition is a new competition introduced to UEA. 


Each pair recieves a ficitional scenario and students must conduct their own research of their arguments and relevant laws before presenting it to the jury, and judge. At later rounds external jduges such as practicing barristers are invited to judge and offer their guidance and advice to competitors. There will be acting roles such as: witnesses, ushers and jurors who will take part making it as realistic as it can possibly be. 

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The Law Society is pleased to have created this competition to merge key legal skills with the practical side of economics, business and finance. The Commercial Enterprise competition gives participants an opportunity to create their own business idea and have it critiqued by lawyers, business leaders and finance experts.


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UEA is proud to boast one of the largest pro bono networks at any university in the UK. UEA Pro Bono is now housed in the UEA Law Clinic, although we will continue to work very closely with the Law Society.

To see a full list of the different projects available to you, please visit the UEA Law Clinic website


UEA Law Society is one of the largest societies on campus, with the social life to match! With monthly socials, glamorous balls and an annual trip abroad there is plenty to keep the law population on a high. 
The integration and building of friendships between all years is of great importance to everyone involved with the society, and ensures an unforgettable university experience. Everyone talks of a work/life balance and this is certainly something we try to ensure our members balance perfectly.


The Law Society launched a renewed focus on careers support in association with the Law School's employability team and CareerCentral, the University's career service.

We have insights from recruiters and past students for solicitor, barrister and non-legal career routes, along with a host of events that will be put on throughout the year.

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