Pro Bono

Welcome to UEA Pro Bono! UEA is proud to boast one of the largest pro bono networks at any university in the UK. UEA Pro Bono is now housed in the UEA Law Clinic, although we will continue to work very closely with the Law Society.
There are over ten different pro bono groups that you can get involved with at the UEA Law Clinic. Partaking in a pro bono project is an excellent way of complimenting your legal studies. No matter which pro bono project you may decide to get involved with, you will have the opportunity to undertake legal research, work with local and national charities, mentor younger children and assist in free legal advice. These opportunities will help to develop your legal and transferable skills; assisting you in your degree and helping to enhance your employability.
Getting involved in any of our pro bono projects doesn’t mean that you need to have a technical and advanced legal background. There is a project designed for everyone. You will have the opportunity to work with like-minded students who are eager to get involved and give back to both our local and national community.
To see a full list of the different projects available to you, please visit the UEA Law Clinic website:

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