Our Sponsers

As a society, we offer numerous sponsorship opportunities for external firms to be a part of our progress. These openings range from the more traditional activities such as our mooting, negotiating and client interviewing competitions, to our social events which are the biggest on campus and can really help develop your brand presence on
We are also enthusiastic about supporting events held external firms. This includes careers presentations, skills workshops and less formal events such as coffee mornings, which we see as a key factor in creating a relationship between our partners and our members. We value these events as they are particularly useful in giving students a unique insight into the career that they hope to pursue and can pick up some helpful tips along the way.


For further information on the opportunities available with the UEA Law Society, please feel free to contact the following society members:

- Maggie Berry (President) via Maggie.Berry@uea.ac.uk

- Alex Christos (Vice- President) via A.Christos@uea.ac.uk

- Ellie Rose (Director of competitions) via Ellie.Rose@uea.ac.uk

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